Detail About End Suction Pumps

It is a type of centrifugal pump that has a casing with the suction coming in one end and the discharge coming out the top. They are almost always single stage pumps, that is, they have only one impeller.

End Suction pumps are the most common configuration for centrifugal pump, and the least expensive configuration in many cases. A huge variation of size, materials of construction and designs are offered by PRSA to handle everything from water at ambient temperature to highpressure and high temperature

Max. Flow in M3/Hr.(Approx.) 700
Max. Head in Mtr.(Approx.) 140
Size upto (In Inch) (Approx.) 6
(Horizontal and
Vertical design)
H.P. 300
The vertical pump is vertical. The horizontal pump is horizontal.
The vertical pump is superposed from
bottom to top.
The horizontal pump is arranged on
the basement in the vertical direction.
The vertical pump covers a small
The horizontal pump covers a big
The vertical pump is in overall
connection, and the installation is
rather easy.
However, the horizontal pump has to
be conducted with the accuracy
adjustment after installation.
It is difficult to repair the vertical
pump. In case of maintenance, the
impeller can be repaired after
removing all upper parts.
However, the horizontal pump is
relatively easier.

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