Detail About Vertical Turbine Pump

PRSA PUMPS design allows the use of wide range of materials and design features to meet the custom requirements of the user . Vertical Turbine pump can be multi staged allows maximum flexibility both in the initial pump selection and in the event that future system modifications require change in pump rating.

Max. Capacity in M3/Hr.(Approx.) 2000
Max. Head in Mtr.(Approx.) 150
  • Suction Bell – Allows smooth entry of liquid into first stage impeller eye, minimizes foundation opening.
  • Turbine Pumps can be provided with open shaft line shaft bearing which is recommended for ease of maintenance.
  • However in case of corrosive / abrasive services line shaft is protected by water flushing the enclosing tube bearing . Oil lubricated line shaft available on long settings.
  • Pipe line Booster
  • Condensate
  • Water services
  • Chemical Transfer
  • Irrigation

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