Detail About Horizontal and Vertical Axial Flow Pumps

PRSA MIXED FLOW PUMPS CAN BE PROVIDED IN BOTH HORIZONTAL AS WELL AS VERTICAL . AXIAL FLOW PUMPS ARE In LINE fluid pumps used to move fluid through low resistance and low Head requirement systems . Axial Flow Pumps are ideally suited to generate  high flow rates such as pumping large volume of water for irrigation, drainage , flood control or cooling systems in industrial processes.

Max. Flow in M3/Hr.(Approx.) 15000
Max. Head in Mtr.(Approx.) 35
Size upto (In Inch) (Approx.) 16
(Horizontal and
Vertical design)
H.P. 200
  • Vertical pumps take little space in plan since the liquid is led away to the axis of shaft.
  • The impeller is submerged, so pump does not require to be primed and is always ready for use.
  • The positive suction condition also prevents the cavitation in the pump and pitting in impeller & diffuser.
  • Due to positive head at suction the pump gives its rated performance as well as high overall efficiency, whereas in Horizontal pumps due to losses in suction line, foot valve etc. the rated performance of the pumps is not achieved.
  • Irrigation
  • Flood water
  • Industrial

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