Detail About Multi Stage Pumps

A multistage pump defined as pumps in which the fluid flows through several impellers fitted in series same of different type i.e. low NPSH suction impeller, double suction impeller or combination with Centrifugal first stage and side channel stage impellers.

They have a high energy efficiency which makes them cost-effective pumping solutions and they provide a flexible range of flow and head which makes them a great choice for many for applications. The pump is common among applications in which liquids are required to be transported with high pressure. This could be achieved using multiple stage or impeller in the body of the pump. The contents are moved to longer distances with the help of the pressure which builds in the pump when the flow progresses through multiple stages.

Max. Flow in M3/Hr. (Approx.) 700
Max. Head in Mtr. (Approx.) 650
Size upto (In Inch) (Approx.) 10
H.P. 400
  • Suction and discharge have integrally cast centerline supports.Piping stressers are thereby transmitted directly to the baseplate, avoiding possible casing distortion.
  • Multi-vane diffusers maintain radial balance at all flows.
  • Balancing disc absorbs all hydraulic thrust. The faces of the disc cannot contact under any flow condition or at rest.
  • Enclosed impellers with extra long hubs are completely interchangeable. They are dynamically balanced and independently positioned on the shaft.
  • Interstage bushings for trouble free operation.
  • Separate extra deep stuffing boxes, subject to suction pressure only. Water jackets and mechanical seals are available.
  • Fire Fighting
  • Hilly area water supply
  • Sprinkler System
  • Water works
  • Booster Service
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Condensate Transfer
  • Mining

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